Our objective is to grow a portfolio of leading specialty chemical businesses, committed to innovation and achieving value creation and competitive advantage. This means executing business-specific strategies, investing for profitable growth, and strengthening our current businesses for optimum value creation.

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Finance Balance, Reports and Results for 2014

The finance balance and economic reports of "Anastasios FANIS S.A". for the economic period of January 1st, 2014 until December 31st, 2014 are currently available to download.

products & markets

Innovation driven core concept and constant investment in R&D, enables Megara Resins deliver new advanced quality products and access new markets, sectors and new implementations.

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european research projects

In line with Megara Resins’ strategy to continuously improving and expanding the range of its product portfolio and following the most recent technological developments in the field of its core activities, a major focus for the company is to participate in innovative projects, carrying out RTD and Innovation projects, and exploring the limits of technology to create innovative solutions aligned with business.

EU funds new research in the development of Innovative Powder Gel Coat Formulations for High Productivity Resin Transfer Moulding Process for Composite Automotive Parts

EU funds new research in the development of Bio-based Products from Biodiesel Produced Glycerol

Megara Resins is coordinating a Marie Curie Industry Academia Partnership and Pathways EU project for the development of One-Shot Matte Exterior Durable Powder Coatings

Project relevant Press notes & links

Visit the dedicated GLOW website www.glow-project.eu

GRAIL - Press Note: Almost 8 Million de € invested in developing the biorefinery approach of glycerol

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