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Anastassios Fanis

Megara Resins has its roots in Pachi Megara, where Anastasios Fanis, in 1961, set up a small resin factory for the production of rosin. In a small space, with few means, the production was based on the continuous effort of Anastasios and his team to meet the needs of the market and at the same time to evolve and modernize their work methods.

In this first decade of the resin factory’s life, Anastasios Fanis took his two sons, Christos and Kostas, by his side. They worked hard, trained and gained the knowledge of resin processing. In 1974, the resin factory was moved to the present headquarters of Megara Resins where Anastasios shapes a new opening in the market with better facilities and more modern means.

In 1982, Anastassion Fanis, the founder of the small resin workshop, father and mentor of Christos and Kostas, passed away. It is the point in time when the two brothers re-design the course of the business, set new goals and start producing more resin products. It is the moment that opens a new path for the course of Megara Resins and the beginning of the journey that led to its current form.

The 1990s find Megara Resins growing rapidly in exports, having automated the entire production line and expanding its product range even further. This period is a milestone for Megara Resins’ entry into the new millennium with the creation of its first subsidiary, TCK Chemicals, which has since charted a successful course in the production of emulsions and unsaturated polyester resins.

Over the years, Megara Resins, which currently employs 160 skilled workers, remains firmly committed to the pillars of innovation and new technologies and is considered one of the most important and innovative suppliers in the coatings industry through continuous investment in R&D, technical infrastructure and new product development.

Megara Resins offers its customers advanced and diverse products for surfaces and technologies with an emphasis on environmentally friendly products such as powder coating resins, rosin derivatives, alkyd resins, water-based acrylic derivatives and unsaturated polyester resins. It strengthens its position in important markets of the future, investing in the development and modernization of its production plants. In this context, the company joined the program of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0 with funding from the European Union Next Generation EU, with the amount of 6.3 million euros for the creation of “green” warehouses at its facilities in Megara.

In the last decade, during a period of deep economic recession, Megara Resins has allocated more than 1.5 million euros to the local community of Megara and neighboring areas. The “Society” program, created by Christos and Konstantinos Fanis, became a “donor” for dozens of social actions, educational programs, sports, actions for the environment and infrastructure.

No goal is achieved if it does not go through hard work, drive for development and if it is not based on the ethos of entrepreneurship, respect for partners and faith in people. These are our principles, this is how we proceed

Christos Fanis - Konstantinos Fanis

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