Megara Resins  was established in 1961 by Anastassios Fanis and has initially functioned as a unit which produced gum rosin and turpentine from Greek crude gum.

During the 1970’s, the company began producing paper size for the paper mill industry. A decade later, Megara Resins started the production of specialties from gum rosin such as esters, maleic resins, rosin modified, phenolics and amino resins for the paper industry. The production of alkyd and acrylic resins as well as new improved gum rosin products and specialties for the concrete and pulp industry flourished during the 90’s.

In the beggining of 2001, the company started the production of unsaturated polyesters for composites as well as the production of water based dispersions for the paint and adhesives industry. In 2011 Megara Resins started the production of saturated polyester resins and additives for Powder Coatings. three years later, in 2014, Megara Resins established company AKFA, via the acquisition of the manufacturing facilities of former Interchem/Neochimiki plant.

Megara Resins is commited to deliver innovative solutions for its customers. Products with innovative functions assist people in their daily lives and keep society moving forward. They also bring joy to people and help to create new culture. When even a single new product is widely adopted, whole new markets develop, and this in turn fosters growth in related industries.

This is how Megara Resins Management envisions growth and contribution to society-innovative products enhancing people's lives.