Megara Resins supports the «Fishing Night»

The Deputy Mayor of Megara, Mr. Stavros Fotiou, had a meeting with the CEO of Megara Resins, Konstantinos Fanis, who signed the sponsorship of the «Society» program for the now established, annual «Fishing Night» held in the port of Nea Peramos. A grant given with the aim of supporting events that strengthen the culture, the customs of the place and the strengthening of social contact.

Regarding the sponsorship, Mr. Fotiou stated:

«Megara Resins has consistently demonstrated its practical support for healthy initiatives of our municipality. The «Society» program is fully in line with the goal that every municipal authority should have. Social cohesion, equal opportunities for all and progress. And it is important that businesses of the private sector give weight to the progress, to the future of the society of Megara» states the Deputy Mayor of Megara.

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