The 13th Megaron Earth in the program «Society»

Megara Resins is happy to support the exhibition «13th Megara Land» organized by the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Megara. Its purpose is the development and promotion of local products and businesses with the ultimate goal of promoting the city of Megara.

For this reason, the Financial Director and representative of Megara Resins, Mr. Ioannis Sakketos and the President of the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Megara (DIKEDIME), Mr. Ioannis Kallipozis, have confirmed the participation of «13th Megara Land» in the «Society» program.

The President of DIKEDIME, Mr. Kallipozis, expressed his special satisfaction and warmly thanked Mr. Ioannis Sakketos for the inclusion of the exhibition «13th Megara Land» in the «Society» program of Megara Resins.

He further stated – «the response of MEGARA RESINS, to our request for the support of the «13th Megara Land», was immediate and universal, which proves in practice the multi-level offer of MEGARA RESINS to the Municipality and our city».

This, as he pointed out, «makes us particularly optimistic to further expand the cooperation between us on the basis of a long-term comprehensive program of corporate responsibility actions for the achievement of our common goals».

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