5 euros a ticket to the NEM BC Arena with an offer from Megara Resins of Fanis

«Megara Resins closer than ever to us & to the promotion of culture in the city of Megara!» refers to an announcement by the Megaridos Youth Center which points out that now with an offer from the Fani company after the great victory over Panionion, the tickets at the NEM BC arena are halved, i.e. 5 euros.

«The large company of our region Megara Resins & its owners Mrs. Konstantinos & Christos Fanis, right after the big double in N. Smyrni with the historic Panionios, made an innovative move that primarily demonstrates their love for the city itself of Megara & its inhabitants & secondarily for its sport & culture.

Megara Resins & Fani Brothers have been our main sponsor & financier for over 10 years.

Today they are our main financial support and have a very big contribution to the rise of the team and its stay in the National Categories, but also to our general “image” with their constant and unwavering interest in us and the students of our School.

Now, with this action, they open the way for all Megarites to watch the team that brings joy to Megara & presents a high sporting spectacle, at a very affordable price.
We, once again, are grateful & thank them for everything!

Because Megara Resins always make the burn brighter!»

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