«Vyzas Megaron» in «Society»

The Athletic Gymnastic Association of Vyzas Megara joins the «Society» program, for the practical support of its activities and operation by Megara Resins.

Megara Resins continues to support the AGS Vyzas Megaron, also in this year’s 2022-2023 season, as it has been doing for many years. Having as its main objective to promote the involvement of young people in sports, socialization through sports and strengthening the successful course of the Association, Megara Resins SA, stands by the side of the Association in practice, assuming the cost of basic needs for its operation.

The CEO of Megara Resins, Mr. Costas Fanis, and the president of the Vyzas Megara Association, Mrs. Ioanna Rigas, approve the Association’s participation in the «Society» program.

«I would like to express the club’s warm thanks to the company Megara Resins and to the brothers Kostas and Christos Fanis, as for more than 10 years they have been our main financier and their contribution to the successful course of our team is continuous and multi-layered.

With particular joy and a sense of social responsibility, we participate in the «Society» by Megara Resins. Our friends should know that without her support the successful course of our team would not be possible.» says Mrs. Riga

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