The Megaridos Youth Center in «Society»

The Megaridos Youth Center joins the «Society» program, for the practical support of its activities and operation by Megara Resins.

Megara Resins continues to support Megaridos Youth Center for the period that is about to begin, with the main objective of promoting the involvement of young people in sports, socialization through sports and strengthening the successful path that the center has is in basketball. It undertakes to cover a large part of the Association’s needs regarding its sustainability and development.

At the headquarters of Megara Resins, the CEO of the company, Mr. Costas Fanis, and the General Manager of Megaridos Youth Center, Mr. Georgios Mandalos, validated Megaridos Youth Center’s participation in the «Society» program, by signing a memorandum of cooperation to achieve common goals.

«Our participation in the «Society» program of Megara Resins is the highest honor and blessing for us. The timeless love of Mr. Constantinos and Christos Fanis for the city of Megara, but also for our Organization in particular, is now transformed into a targeted action, an exemplary program of Corporate Social Responsibility with beneficial interest in the social fabric of Megara and the healthily developing organizations in it. Megara Resins is a timeless example of a “beacon”, which leads to success, solidarity, contribution, offering to those in need, as even in bad times it was and is always present» states Mr. Mandalos.

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