Nireas of Nea Perama in an international gymnastics tournament in Bulgaria.

Nireas Neas Peramou is going to participate in the International Gymnastics Clubs Tournament organized by the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation in the city of Blagoevgrad after an official invitation from the organizers.

The tournament takes place from 27 to 29 October and distinguished club athletes have been invited to participate so that, apart from the competitive part, athletes and coaches can exchange knowledge and experience.

The participation offers international experience and distinction to Nireas who participates with athletes Mariza Kokkoni, Nektaria Hatjiantoniou, Athanasia Karahaliou, Nikoletta Karioris and Danai Sirrakas and who will compete in the combined individual and the combined team.
The athletes are accompanied by head coach Sofia Tsegeli.
Head of mission Dimitris Tsegelis, Superintendent of the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation and president of Nireas.

Nireas announces among other things: “The invitation is a great honor for us and our city and we are proud of the fact that on the one hand we will give our athletes the opportunity to participate in high-level competitions, on the other hand to represent and honor our city in abroad.

We must thank the company “Megara Resins” Anastasios Fanis SA. for the sponsorship – covering the transportation and accommodation expenses of the delegation of athletes and official companions”.

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