NextGenerationEU και το Εθνικό Σχέδιο Ανάκαμψης και Ανθεκτικότητας Ελλάδα 2.0

A new era for Megara Resins with its inclusion in the Recovery Fund

Megara Resins SA enters a new path of development and investment, after the final approval of its financing by the European UnionNextGenerationEU and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “Greece 2.0”.

Megara Resins is ready to implement its plan to utilize innovative technologies and new forms of energy to upgrade its infrastructure and operations.

In the heart of the global energy crisis, Megara Resins SA, not only upholds its primary goal of sustainable development with a focus on environmental protection, but invests even more, with a financing amounting to 6.3 million euro, in the creation of “green” warehouses, drastically reducing its energy footprint.

About the inclusion of Megara Resins SA in the Recovery Fund, the CEO of the company, Konstantinos Fanis states:

It is our strategic choice to remain steadfast in our goals based on two pillars. In our continuous international evolution and development and in the protection of the environment for the best quality of life. We are not standing still, despite the difficulties in the global market. We continue to be practically involved, in the export sector of the country, in the activities of healthy entrepreneurship and, at the same time, in society by supporting actions and initiatives related to the environment, health, culture, education and sports“.

Megara Resins is one of the first businesses financed by the Recovery Fund, showing rapid growth in recent years, maintaining 160 jobs, creating new ones with a commitment to innovation and social cohesion.

  PRESS RELEASE | A new era for Megara Resins with its inclusion in the Recovery Fund

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