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Invitation to the GRAIL Final Showroom Event – September 19th in CaixaForum Barcelona

We would like to invite you to the GRAIL Final Showroom Event that will take place on September 19th 2017 in CaixaForum Barcelona. The GRAIL project has been developed with 15 partners from 9 different countries with the aim of finalising the solutions given previously to the valorisation of glycerol and transform them in valuable products through a Biorefinery approach.

Biofuels, biochemicals (varnishes, plastics etc.), green polymers for paints and coatings and food related compounds were the main sectors involved in this project.

During the 4-year period we have developed several products, processes and technologies, which we are proud to present in an event that is more than a Conference as you will be able to interact with the scientists responsible of the research, touch and taste the products and be witness of the demonstration of some of the applications.

You are invited to register in the next link free of charge:…

We do hope to see you in Barcelona.

The GRAIL team

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