Megara Resins in the list of «1.000 companies to inspire Europe»

Megara Resins in the list of «1.000 companies to inspire Europe»

The list referred to 1.000 small and medium companies that have demonstrated positive growth over the last three years – despite the financial crisis – outperforming their country peers.The presence of Megara Resins in this report is the recognition of our effort of achieving our business goals which are related with the growth and boasting the net job creation in our country. In addition, is the rewarding of our innovative actions and using new technologies in creating new materials for new product development. Megara Resins is one of the most profitable and most vibrant companies in Europe, increasing their income on one hand and on the other hand contributing in the growth of the Greek and European economy, taking a place in the list with “1.000 Companies to inspire Europe”.

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