Press Release 10.11.2020

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NanoCARBONs from GREEN house gasses of cement industry

The partnership involves a research institute, NCSR Demokritos, and two large cement and polymeric resins manufacturers, TITAN S.A. and MEGARA RESINS S.A., correspondingly.

The scientific objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

(1) CO2 conversion into high-value added nanocarbons (graphene, nanotubes, nanofibers, etc.) on a laboratory scale at NCSR Demokritos through CO2 reduction processes using molten metals and/or metal salts, and

(2) optimization of nanocarbon production methods.

The technological objectives of the proposal are:

(1) pilot production of nanocarbons at the premises of TITAN,

(2) incorporation of the produced nanocarbons into cement products of TITAN and into polymeric resin products of MEGARA RESINS to enhance their mechanical and other properties.

The main research activity will be developed at NCSR Demokritos that concerns the design and construction of two devices based on chemical transformation of CO2 to nanocarbons with controlled morphology and properties. The first metallothermic installation is based on treatment of alkali metals (Mg, Ca) in a reducing atmosphere containing CO2 that leads to production of sheet-like nanocarbons in the form of graphenes.

The second installation employs electrolysis of molten carbonates (e.g. Li2CO3, etc.) at low electric voltage (~ 2V) that leads to reduction of CO2 dissolved in the melt to carbon nanowires and nanotubes accompanied by simultaneous release of O2. The most efficient nanocarbon production process will be developed on a pilot scale at TITAN’s facilities.

Nanocarbons produced at the laboratory/pilot scale will be introduced into TITAN’s and MEGARA RESINS’s products that will contribute in lowering the overall carbon footprint, providing greener products and contribute to maximizing the reuse of finite resources across operations, products, and supply chains.


Project details: CARBONGREEN

Title: NanoCARBONs from GREEN house gasses of cement industry
Acronym: CARBONGREEN (Τ1ΕΔΚ-01729)
Leader: Dr. Christos Trapalis
Coordinator: NCSRD Demokritos
Start Date: 19/09/2019
End Date: 18/09/2022
Funding Scheme: NSRF 2014-2020/RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE

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