Press Release - Megara Resins in "Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2017"

Megara Resins in “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2017”

Megara Resins was awarded for its emphasis on innovation and sustainable exports growth in “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2017”, a business excellence event organized by New Times Publishing. Dr. Charalampos Varelas, Commercial Director of Megara Resins, received the award during a ceremony held at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens, in the presence of state officials and over 500 representatives of the country’s most dynamic business groups.

Megara Resins in "Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2017"

Dr. Varelas commented:Megara Resins continues its strategic global expansion and business development in developed and emerging markets. In 2016, we reported an increase of our sales revenue by approximately +14% vs. 2015 as a result of organic growth and intense export activity with key presence in four continents and in more than 55 countries, representing over 80% of our turnover.

Megara Resins invests in innovation as it is the engine for competitiveness and growth, and has therefore launched in 2016 a new Innovation Centre situated in Avlida, comprising a highly proficient team of senior scientists. The research activities are supplemented by an international network of collaborations with leading universities and scientific research institutes”.

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