Press Release - Response to Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

Response to Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

Press Release 23.3.2020

At Megara Resins, we have been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as it continues to spread across the world, and taking steps to keep our employees, customers and communities in which we operate informed as the health crisis unfolds. We strictly follow all the instructions issued by the Central Governmental Authorities, in order to prevent and to fight against the risk to spread the infection of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We’ve already developed a corporate management team in place actively monitoring, preparing and managing our COVID-19 response around the clock. We are implementing our safety plans and protocols based on World Health Organization (WHO) and National Public Health Organization (EODY) guidelines and recommendations to help prevent the spread of the virus.

As cases expand globally, we’ve updated travel restrictions, and are providing new guidance to ensure we continue to serve our customers’ needs while practicing safe and healthy measures to contain and mitigate the spread of infection at our sites and offices. In that regard, we have taken several strong safety actions, including:

  • Suspending international travel and restricting all other travel to business critical only
  • Mandatory self-quarantine measures for employees at risk of exposure
  • Limiting access to our sites
  • Conducting enhanced and more frequent cleaning services at all facilities
  • Encouraging employees to practice social distancing, proper handwashing and hygiene practices
  • Canceling participation at all large meetings, both internally and externally
  • Requiring employees to work from home where possible

We continue to safeguard our production at our sites ensuring delivery of our products to our customers. Up to date, we have not experienced any disturbances to our supply chain and ability to produce according to agreements and sales orders due to the transmission of COVID-19 across the globe. The recent announcement for a curfew in Greece is not affecting people travelling to and from their work so our plant operation will continue normally as before.

Nonetheless, due to the fact several countries in Europe have implemented health restrictions at their borders, not directly targeting the transport of goods, that could possibly could lead to longer time for border clearance of goods. We ask for your understanding if delays occur anyway. Our exports team is observing the situation closely and our customer service department will be informing you about the latest developments in the best possible way and in a timely manner.

Thank you for your patience and support during this exceptional situation. We will continue to regularly update this advisory as the situation develops.

On Behalf of Megara Resins S.A.

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