Project types: National Research Projects



The project aims at the development of a new technology for the production of waterborne polyurethane dispersions for the creation of a new generation of coatings with self-healing properties. In the framework of the project, the design, synthesis and characterization of innovative dispersions and their coatings will be realized, as well as the optimization of their properties and the scaling-up of their production at semi-industrial scale.



CARBONGREEN aims to develop experimental processes and technology to convert CO2 of cement plants into useful solid nanocarbons (graphene, CNTs) and simultaneously to apply them to the formation of composite products with improved properties.

Project WoodBioCoat


WOODBIOCOAT aims at the development of the appropriate technology for the synthesis of novel waterborne polyurethane coatings based on polyols from renewable sources to be utilized by the furniture and woodworking industries. The coatings will have optimized properties and they will be consistent with the environmental demands concerning the reduction of use of organic solvents.