How we Work

In our Innovation Centre, we focus on obtaining innovative polymeric materials with advanced properties that are technologically applicable in the paints, coatings, adhesives, printing inks and paper sizing industry.

The smart use of materials is the key to future success and investments: our research work enables our customers to produce innovative and reliable products. We contribute to a society that strives for an efficient and sustainable use of energy and resources. In order to obtain new polymers, we develop a synthetic protocol prior to the synthesis, as well as the required polymerization process.

We perform the reaction’s up-scaling and the subsequent validation trials.

Megara Resins has an excellent team with a vast experience in materials and advanced characterization techniques, which offers technical assistance in different areas adapted to your needs:

  • Development of new materials and improvement of final properties
  • Design of synthesis and functionalization strategie
  • Scrutinize material systems and manufacturing processes and transfer this knowledge into reliable products and technologies
  • Improvement of traditional materials properties according to customer needs
  • New application markets and innovation opportunities for industrial polymeric materials