Paper chemicals

Paper chemicals

We offer a selected range of functional and sustainable products for the paper industry.

Our Megasize Internal sizing agent, is designed to increase the resistance to water penetration

  • Suitable for all paper grades
  • Long shelf life
  • Full technical support

Paper chemicals

“Megara Resins focus on the development of products with higher solid content and lower (AOX) levels”

Our Wet Strength Additives

Family of products proven to significantly improve the wet strength of paper. Ideal for the manufacturing of wet strengthened tissue and towel products. Water soluble polymers with a wide range of  solid contents up to 20%. Low adsorbable organic halides (AOX). Tailor made cationicity complying with different process conditions.

Key features

  • Improving the tensile properties of the paper both in wet and dry state.
  • Improving the machine efficiency.
  • Good shelf life and stability.


Paper size chemicals

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F 84

Wet Strength Agent

F 84 (15%)

Wet Strength Agent

F 84 LX

Wet Strength Agent


A wet strength resin used primarily to improve wet strength on tissue-towel paper.


Paper Size & mortars

Megasize C16/18 ASA

Manufacturing a variety of paper qualities by the neutral process

P.S – 38

Paper size 2,5% PS38 with 3,5% aluminum aulfate

P.S. – 50

Paper size 2,5% PS50 with 3,5% aluminum sulfate and concrete

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